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A Week of Fasting

For this week long fast, you'll spend 30 minutes in prayer 3 times per day.  We suggest that you have a morning, afternoon and evening prayer session. 


For some prayer sessions you will be actively talking to God, for others you will be in more of a focused, meditative state. 


On Friday and Saturday, you will find that you may spend much longer in prayer than the other days of the week. 


We are excited for you take your next step in spiritual discipline and join us in a church-wide fast!

Click the link and watch the videos for a short intro for each day.

Introduction to Fasting

What it means to fast and how will this week look.

Image by Daniel McCullough

Click on each day to be taken to the devotional for that day.

A Day of Cleansing

A Day of Praise

A Day of Guidance

A Day of Praying for Others

An Extreme Need

A Day of Discipline

A Day of Focus

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